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A year ago, I finished my Erasmus adventure. And still, I remember that part of my life every single day! Just yesterday I was asked if Erasmus is worth of student’s time. My answer….. ABSOLUTELY YES

This is where it all started.

First picture I took. At this time, it didn’t even cross my mind that I’ll be callin’ it my second home now.

A day doesn’t go by, that I don’t wish to go back in my Brati just for a few minutes to see all those amazing people again. That’s why I decided to write in english, so my Erasmus family could refresh their memory. And for all of u that are thinking of going abroad, here is few reasons why you MUST do it!

It’s crazy, but it kind of changed who I am. You grow! And by growing I mean you learn how to eat salad every day so u don’t have to cook. You learn that shisha is always a good idea. You learn that there is no rum like that one in Carribean. That Slovak people call chicken Kuraci (which is definitely not the same translation in Croatian hahah), that Mexicans express laugh as jajaja and not hahaha, that Pula is Croatian city and that Romanian people would probably laugh so hard just on mention of that word. You learn that is just fine to spend 80 euros for a haircut cuz that’s how it goes in France.

There is so much more. But what I miss the most is the fact that I can’t text all of that people: Meet u at Hodžovo namestie hahah (meet up place in Bratislava)

It’s amazing how we let people in our life so easily. Don’t ever hesitate of doing that. It’s the best thing possible u can do.

If u think that Erasmus is all about student life. Ur probably right. It’s not the student life at Uni, but ALL AROUND THE EUROPE. All u have to do is have an amazing time, meeting new people, learning new languages, trying different food, travel a lot, and most important one: MAKE MEMORIES!

I indeed have all of that and even more.

And if u ever think that they will only be temporary thing in your life, ur so wrong.

Here is just a bit of what u are missing out by not going on adventure of ur life:


  1. When ur trying to capture a perfect snap od Auschwitz and ur friends are so kind and move away from camera 😀



2) Student House in Bratislava is a party house! Martin and Nat are hosts of party 😛


3) Feeling when u go back to Croatia and u recieve this! Miss u to Nay and J


4) TRYING to learn how to eat without fork 😀 (U know it’s u J)


5) This is the most important one. This is family! I may have not met them all but every single one of them have a special place in my heart.

All the way from Croatia to Mexico, Poland, France, Germay, Carribean, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Italy, Hungary, China, Slovakia, Portugal. Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Portugal… lots of love!

Don’t let ur life pass by without memories. Your comfort zone is fine! But ur never know life if you don’t try something new!