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Have you already heard about the Hotel Amfiteatar? Well, you should, because it is probably the first one that offers help to digital nomads even before they get to their destination. In this case in city of Pula, Croatia.

Buddy for all of your needs

What does that really means? First time you show the interest for coming to Pula and staying in Hotel Amfiteatar, you get your nomad buddy.

Buddy helps you with administration needed to get in the country, informs you about destination and things to do there, and in final makes your stay great experience, once you came in Pula. Did we mention the best thing? All of that is free. Of course, if you book this hotel, at least for a month time.

How did they become nomad friendly hotel

The hotel owner, Deniz Zembo, himself, worked and traveled all over the world. His best experience was staying in London, where he entered his culinary adventure.

After settling in Pula, and starting the hotel and restaurant, he wished to bring that international vibes to Croatia.

What is so special about the hotel

This is not nomad hotel, because it is not intended only for digital nomads. At least for now, because the plan for near future is to accomplish that majority or even all guest are digital nomads.

The hotel is nomad friendly, which means that staying is suitable for digital nomads says Deniz Zembo. Except buddy, guests get discount for staying for an over a month, rooms are designed to meet nomads needs, big terrace is perfect for work on laptop, they got in house casual restaurant and street food…

Community and fun in one place

The owner says they plan to organise nomad meetup at the end of summer in their hotel. The goal of this event is to connect nomads in Croatia, especially ones in Pula and Istria, and to form strong network and community. Of course, that goes for nomads, but also the aim is to connect them with locals.

When nomads are tired of work, there are nomad open air parties that will go through the whole summer.

More information can be founded here.